Jane Eyre: Jane is the main protagonist in this novel and also the narrator. She is a hard headed woman who has a tough life. All her life she has wanted equality between people therefore she does not conform to the traditional Victorian woman. Though she has to deal with many difficult situations including rude and unfair people, she always stays true to her morals and does not let the opinions of others influence her principals. When she meets Mr. Rochester, she struggles to find the balance between love and her own constitution that she has striven to follow her entire life.

Edward Rochester: The master of Thornfield Hall and employer of Jane. He is a wealthy man who keeps to himself. He is willing to put all social roles aside in order to see and communicate with Jane Eyre. He spent most of his adult life roaming Europe in order to avoid the consequences of actions he had taken in his youth. He is known throughout the book as Mr. Rochester, and lives up to his title of master of the house. He is planning on marrying Blanche Ingram, but Jane steals his heart. A secret he has kept for fifteen years comes to the surface which hurts his relationship with Jane and many of the people at Thornfield Hall. By the end of the book his appearance and fate takes a drastic turn for the worse and he becomes a person much different from what would be expected of a Victorian man.

St. John Rivers: Pronounced Sinjin. He is the he cousin of Jane, and along with Mary and Diana, St. John takes care of Jane after she leaves Thornfield Hall. He is the minister at Morton, and very cold and controlling over others. He proposes to Jane and asks her to go to India with him. When Jane receives a twenty thousand pound fortune, she gives five thousand to each of the Rivers.

Mrs. Reed: Jane's mean aunt who was married to Jane's uncle. Mrs. Reed was instructed to take care of Jane when her uncle died; but she failed to follow through. She raises Jane at Gateshead Hall until, because of her ill-temperedness and troubled relationship with Jane, she decides to send her away to school at age ten. Later in her life, Jane is summoned back to Gateshead because Mrs. Reed is ill and has been keeping a secret from Jane. Jane finds out she has other relatives and Mrs. Reed’s cruelty and jealousy influenced her to hide the information from Jane.

Bessie Lee: The only nice, kindhearted person at Gateshead. She is the only person Jane trusts and confides in during her youth while at Gateshead. Bessie genuinely cares about Jane. She marries Robert Leaven who is the coachmen for Gateshead.

Mr. Lloyd: The Reeds' doctor. He convinces Mrs. Reed to send her to Lowood School. He was kind to Jane and tried to understand her circumstances. He writes a letter to Maria Temple stating that whatever Jane says about her childhood is true and gets rid her reputation as a liar.

Georgiana Reed: Jane's cousin and one of Mrs. Reed's two daughters. Georgiana is a very beautiful girl who treats Jane with no respect and cruelty like her mother. When Jane comes back to visit Mrs. Reed on her death bed, Jane is able to befriend Georgiana.

Eliza Reed: Jane's cousin, Mrs. Reed’s daughter, and Georgiana's sister. The more spiritual of the two Rivers sisters, she devotes herself to the church then she becomes the Mother Superior in a convent in France.

John Reed: The only son to Mrs. Reed, and the brother of Georgiana and Eliza. He is the meanest of them all. He beat Jane to no end during their childhood both physically and mentally. He took on the male dominate role in the Reed household making him superior and giving him the 'right' to abuse Jane. He drank a lot and gambled. When his mother refuses to pay his debt, he commits suicide.

Helen Burns: Jane’s friend at Lowood School. She lives her life to its fullest even though she doesn’t have much to live for and quite a short life at that. She is one of the many girls to die at the school of consumption. Before she dies, Jane comes into the sickroom to spend time with her. Even when she is dying, Helen Burns has dignity that doesn't leave. Jane keeps her in mind and before she leaves for Thornfield Hall, and visits her dear friend’s grave.

Mr. Brocklehurst: The master of Lowood School. He is cruel and deprives the girls of Lowood of adequate food, clothing and overall care. He funds his eccentric lifestyle with the funds meant for the school and believes that he is superior to all at Lowood. After an epidemic of typhus at Lowood, his evil ways are brought to light and he loses his position and respect.

Maria Temple: Also known as Miss Temple, she is the only teacher at Lowood who genuinely cares about the students. She is a positive influence in Jane’s life and gives her the love and compassion that she needs as a young girl. She helps Jane clear Mrs. Reed’s mean and untrue accusations.

Miss Scatcherd: One of the mean and cruel teachers at Lowood, she rarely showed sympathy to the girls at Lowood and despised Helen specifically, subjecting her to public ridicule.

Bertha Mason: Is Mr. Rochester's old wife, he married her in Spanish town Jamaica when he was in his twenties. She once was a wealthy and beautiful woman who went insane. She lives in a secret room in the mason guarded by Grace Poole. Grace is often intoxicated and does not lock the door, inadvertently letting Bertha Mason escape. Bertha roams the halls of the mansion at night, causing terrors such as starting the house on fire and jumping into the flames, committing suicide.

Grace Poole: Is the woman who guards the room where Bertha Mason is locked up. Her drinking causes her to fall asleep and allow the estranged Bertha Mason to escape and cause frights in hall. Ms. Fairfax blames her for the things the crazy woman does.

Adele Varens: Adele is Jane's student at Thornfield Hall. Mr. Rochester brought Adele from France because her mother abandoned her. Mr. Rochester spoils Adele and takes good care of her, although he lacks the patience to expand his relationship with her. Adele's mother Celine Varens was one of Mr. Rochester's mistresses from his younger days, but he refuses to think that Adele is his child.

Celine Varens: A French dancer that has an affair with Mr. Rochester. Adele is their daughter. Celine only stayed with Mr. Rochester for his money, and later, he found her having a secondary affair, and she left him.

Sophie: Adele’s nurse. She, like Adele, speaks mainly French and up until the time when Jane arrives at Thornfield, she is the only one able to communicate effectively with Adele. She is very loving and wants the best for the people she associates with.

Richard Mason: Richard Mason is Bertha’s brother; Mr. Rochester’s brother in-law, and also his good friend. During his visit to Thornfield, he is attacked by his crazy sister. Mr. Mason learns of Rochester’s plan to marry Jane. He is not willing to let the marriage go through so when he finds out about the plan he reveals the truth about Mr. Rochester already being married.

Mr. Briggs: Mr. Briggs is the one who helps Richard Mason stop the wedding of Jane and Mr. Rochester because he learns of Bertha Mason who is Mr. Rochester’s previous wife. Mr. Briggs is John Eyre’s attorney, when he passes Mr. Briggs finds Jane to give her the inheritance left to her by her uncle.

Blanche Ingram: Blanche Ingram is a beautiful woman who is of high social ranking. She looks down on Jane Eyre and has a poor attitude towards people of lower social class. Miss Ingram wants to marry Mr. Rochester for his money and status, not for love.

Diana Rivers: Diana is the sister of Mary and St. John, also the cousin of Jane. Jane looks up to Diana because she is smart and independent. She tells Jane not go to India with her brother St. John because spousal love was not present between them.

Mary Rivers: Mary is the sister of Diana River and St. John and is the cousin to Jane. Since the family loses their money she is forced to work as a governess. Just like her sister she too is intelligent and independent, and therefore a role model to Jane.

Rosamond Oliver: Rosamond is the beautiful daughter of Mr. Oliver, Morton’s wealthiest inhabitant and primary benefactor. Rosamond gives money to the school in Morton where Jane works. Although she is in love with St. John, she becomes engaged to the wealthy Mr. Granby.

John Eyre: John Eyre is the Uncle of Jane. He wanted to adopt Jane, but because of the cruel Aunt Mrs. Reed he was under the impression that Jane had died at Lowood School. When he finds out that Jane isn't dead he leaves her an inheritance of 20,000 pounds, which she is given when he passes away.

Uncle Reed: Is Jane's Uncle who was married to Mrs. Reed. When he passed he made Mrs. Reed promise to take care of Jane. This was a promise Mrs. Reed failed to keep. When Jane was younger she felt as if she could feel the presence of the deceased Mr. Reed throughout Gateshead, especially in the red room.